How to Make Money Through Family


How to Make Money Through Family

One of the ways that I have had many of my friends make money is through their family. I am not talking about doing chores or favors for family members, (that is not a bad way to make money now that we mention it) or even asking for money directly but I’m talking more on the inheritance side. The majority of us are not given money or left money when our family members pass but are left with collectibles and things that they have gathered throughout their lives. These things can be a pain to try to sell and most of the time, because someone has recently passed, these things start to hold more of a sentimental value. Trust me with this, I have been there and I know how hard it is to try and decide what you are willing to be able to part with. This is why my friends and I have decided to clean out garages, attics, and basements to find collectibles and belongings that might hold some value before a death has occurred.

By doing this you are taking care of your need to make money now and avoiding any problems you might have on the emotional side of things. One of the cool things that seem to happen is that you can clean up some of the clutter that your family may have around their house. I have tried this and I was amazed at how many things that my family members were willing to part with. I realized that by getting rid of family items this way, a huge bonus is that you know what is important to them. If they have passed away you may always be wondering if something held some valuable meaning to them more than just cost. This way you will not have to constantly be questioning if you are doing the right thing or something they would be OK with.

The next thing to do after you have gathered all the goods is how to sell these items. The best way that I have come across is in a garage sale. In today’s times hundreds of people are going to garage sales looking for deals more than ever. Second hand stores are popping up all over and making more and more money every day with people looking for the best deals. If you find items that are rare or in high demand the internet is a way to go. One thing of caution is before you randomly post something on eBay or Craigslist make sure you know the true value that it holds. A friend of mine put an old porcelain figurine set on Craigslist for like a $100. He got the set from his aunt who bought it for $49.99 when she was 12. It was still in mint condition and he figured if he made $100 he would be happy. Well later he was contacted by an art gallery in Los Angeles if the set was still for sale (even though he sold the set two days before hand) because they wanted to take a look at it because that rare set is in high demand and the retail was going for $1,355.

It is always good to know a little bit about what you are trying to sell. The other option for selling is through a specialty shop. Like jeweler, stamp store, antique shop, pawn shop, collector shop, hobbies store. Mainly any store that would have some interest and be knowledgeable about what you are trying to sell. This way to make money can take some time but it is a valuable way to make money, way more than you would originally think.