The Freedom of Being an Entrepreneur


The Freedom of Being an Entrepreneur

For many, the freedom to quit their day job is a priceless treasure that they would trade a lot for. For others, working as an employee of another person is not a big inconvenience; perhaps they enjoy not having to micro-manage all the details of the company they work for. There is no shame in working under someone else’s authority but it is definitely not for everyone. The most important thing is to be self-aware and realize what kind of person you are. Knowing there are other options is extremely important for your own mental well-being, because it gives you freedom of choice and some agency regarding your own future. This article will discuss the alternatives to your day job and what being your own boss is all about.

Not working for someone else means being an entrepreneur. In truth, there is no hard definition for what an entrepreneur really is: some would call it an inventor, others a pioneer, others a businessperson. But in fact, behind all the logistics of what an entrepreneur does, we should examine what an entrepreneur is. To put it simply, entrepreneurship represents a perfect freedom in the career field, with all the burdens and joy freedom comes attached to. It means having an original idea and taking responsibility for the success or failure of that idea as a self-actualized person. More than that, it also means having the faith in yourself to try new things and enough courage and patience to adjust them or discard them entirely if they fail.

As you can see from an philosophical standpoint, being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. When considered from a practical standpoint, in terms of raising the capital necessary to fund your new enterprise, things become even more difficult. To state the obvious, being an entrepreneur is not just about having a good idea, it is about being able to market it to others and convince them that you are worth investing in. If you want to project your confidence to potential investors, you yourself must be secure in your ideas and knowledgeable about every detail of your product.

There are many different avenues for what sort of products you can actually market and what industries are open to new innovation. Obviously, the technological industries concerning computers and the internet are massive and only growing as technology becomes an even-larger part of the daily lives of people across the globe. However, computers are not the only option; entering a new market of any kind is certainly possible but will take a certain amount of perseverance and natural business acumen. Networking clearly helps, and a hard truth you must be prepared for is that many of the opportunities that may come are pure luck and little else. But when all else seems lost, patience will see you through to the next opportunity and the next chance for success or further expansion. Building a business takes time more than anything, so be patient with yourself – set timelines and deadlines for the goals you want to achieve, but don’t be too nervous if things start very slowly.