How to Successfully Pass Your Upcoming Drug Test

Nowadays, it is not that weird to find out your co-worker, your friend or relative has been using marihuana. It may come as a shock to you, but it is a common thing. Many countries worldwide have been legalizing pot. Some legalize it only for medicinal purposes, others even legalize its recreational use. However, some employers may not accept the fact that their employees use these substances. So, they may test them for drugs in their system. Tests can be done before employment. These are the most common. People can get tested even during work.

There are many types of tests for employers to see if you are using. The most frequent are urine, blood, saliva, and hair testing. For a drug user, it may be quite problematic to get a steady job. With tests, it can get trickier for them to keep a job. So, they get creative in finding ways how to pass their drug tests successfully. Today, there are a lot of products and methods that help you in clearing your body of toxins. You just have to find the right one. If you want to read more about this, you should click here

Urine Drug Test

This type of test is believed to be done the most often. Various drugs can be detected in your urine. They are amphetamines, cocaine, opioids, marihuana, PCP, and alcohol. Even nicotine can be detected.

Nevertheless, you should know that there are so many factors that can affect the test. You body mass, hydration level, how long ago you took the drug, and how often you use are some of them. If a person is a heavy and frequent user, it will be harder for them to clear their body from the toxins.

Before taking a urine test, your employer and tester should know if you are taking some medications. Whether they are herbal, prescription, or over – the – counter medications, you should tell them. Even if you are using marihuana for medicinal purposes, you should mention this. Waiting for the results can be quite stressful. Some results come the same day, others may take a few days. It all depends on the method of testing.

If you are wondering how to clear a drug test, you should stop using first. There are natural ways to detox. You should remember to drink more water. Alcohol and coffee are not recommended. You should drink more natural juices. Many tablets and drinks help you to detox your body. There are a lot of companies that make these products. You just have to get online and look for the perfect product for you.

Saliva Test

This kind of test has been growing in popularity. The majority of people who have to take drug tests often feel embarrassed. Giving your urine can be quite demeaning. That is why saliva testing is preferred. However, there are divided opinions on how accurate the results are. Some say that if you have smoked pot just before the drug test, you are in danger of failing the test. Otherwise, it is not that reliable.

It is the best option when the employer wants to find out if their employees have been using recently. The results can come back positive even if you have used something before coming to work. A urine test can miss this because it takes a while for the toxins to enter the bloodstream and then the urine. With saliva tests, the employer is less invasive, and the results can come back in just a few minutes.

Blood Test

Blood testing is thought to be the most expensive type of test. Also, a lot of people get squeamish at the sight of blood and are likely to faint. It is undoubtedly quite invasive, but it shows the most accurate results. It shows the presence of the substance and toxins in your system at that particular moment. It is mostly done when people are applying for insurance, applying for specific jobs, or even in some court procedures. Employers rarely do these tests because of their cost, invasiveness, and required equipment. It can take a while for the results to come back.

Blood has a short detection time. So, if you have used anything, it will quickly pass from the blood. All you have to do to pass a blood test is to stop using. To ensure success, you can go for a healthier diet, drinking lots of fluids, and exercising. That way, your body will quickly flush out the toxins. You could also buy some drinks or tablets to detox faster.

Hair Test

A hair follicle test is mostly used to determine longer use of specific drugs. It can show data of use from 90 days. It does not show any recent intake because it takes a while for the drugs to be processed in the skin. It can even detect ecstasy, eve, opiates, and PCP. However, you can’t do this test if you want to test for alcohol.

It is essential to know that some factors play a crucial role in the results. The amount of melanin, the coloring of the hair, and how much a person sweats are some of the most important. They can influence the results. Also, the components of the drug and how often the person uses are noteworthy factors. Some people with no hair may think they can’t get tested this way. Nevertheless, hair from your armpits may be used in cases like this.

The best way to prepare for a hair test would be to buy a special detox shampoo. Many companies have such products. Once you receive the notice of the test, buy it immediately and start using it as soon as possible. It is recommended for you to use it 15 times in total before the test. You should put a generous amount of the shampoo on your hair. Make sure it stays for 10 – 15 minutes to ensure the best results.